Wednesday, March 11, 2020


Today we buy almost everything from other countries and none of those products are worth their weight in salt!

This country must go forward to a future of American made products

made by Americans and built by Americans to last as long as our products

use to last by our elders/ancestors working in American Factories

building American products in our past manufacturing factories!

Does this make any sense to you America?

When this old warrior started working,

American products lasted 5, 6, 7 time as long as products coming into America.


our elders/ancestors product cost less and the parts were readily available in America,

made by Americans!

I understand that those days are long gone

for a number of reasons known to you and me.

We can still make modern products using modern knowledge


American knowhow, can we agree with this?

The biggest ‘Road Block’ as we know is

 our government personal and their greed!

We must now start cleaning house using personal, understanding that they are our ‘employees’,

we are their ‘employer’s paying them to work ‘for America’,

not their ‘pockets’!

In November 2020 America has a choice,

we can elect people,

hell bent on a future designed from our past

(the 1910/1920’s)!


We can elect people that are willing to take America forward while remembering our past history.

The choice belongs to American Voters not hacking from those other countries!

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