Saturday, December 29, 2018

"Saudi Arabian Terrorist" are coming through our 'Southern Border'!

"Saudi Arabian Terrorist" are coming through our 'Southern Border'!

Donald Trump’s closest friends, 
other than Russia is the country 
that attacked 
Donald Trumps Country!

It is the ‘Fault of the Democrats’ for not funding 
“Donald Trump’s Wall”!
You remember this wall?
The Wall to be built and paid for by the 
“Mexican Government”

Hijackers by Airplane:
American Airlines Flight 11 
Mohamed Atta - Egypt, tactical leader of 9/11 plot and pilot
Abdul Aziz al Omari - Saudi Arabia 
Wail al Shehri - Saudi Arabia
Waleed al Shehri - Saudi Arabia 
Satam al Suqami - Saudi Arabia
United Airlines Flight 175 
Fayez Banihammad - United Arab Emirates
Ahmed al Ghamdi - Saudi Arabia 
Hamza al Ghamdi - Saudi Arabia
Marwan al Shehhi - United Arab Emirates, pilot 
Mohand al Shehri - Saudi Arabia
American Airlines Flight 77 
Hani Hanjour - Saudi Arabia, pilot
Nawaf al Hazmi - Saudi Arabia
Salem al Hazmi - Saudi Arabia
Khalid al Mihdhar - Saudi Arabia
Majed Moqed - Saudi Arabia
United Airlines Flight 93 
Saeed al Ghamdi - Saudi Arabia
Ahmad al Haznawi - Saudi Arabia
Ziad Jarrah - Lebanon, pilot 
Ahmed al Nami - Saudi Arabia

Monday, December 24, 2018

LeBron James, buy yourself a team or two?

LeBron James, buy yourself a team or two?
I once again remind all of my (Native/African American Ancestors).
LeBron James rips NFL owners as 'old white men' with 'slave mentality'
This is by no means a
‘Slam at my brothers and sisters’
this should become a fact!
LeBron James, buy yourself a team or two?
Better yet, ask the 35,000 Black Millionaires and 10 Billionaires in the U.S. to join you in buying
‘All of the teams in this country’?
Ever better yet,
‘all of your friends can start your own league in baseball, football and basketball 
play against those ‘Old White Owners’?

America’s Black Millionaires: Food for Thought
Today there are 35,000 Black Millionaires in the U.S.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

After the holidays, Shechaim will be pulling out of

After the holidays, Shechaim will be pulling out of
To give my few
It has always been the practice of this clan to
(ask for a blessing)
to those interested in our work, just give 'a little courtesy' while taking from our sites?
You our faithful followers might remember that twice Mark Zuckerberg shut down, without notice, our work, 
because we used a name given by
'Creator' through 'my elders now ancestors'!
For years people have been taking our ancestors information from our face book site and using it as their own genealogy work.
Now I find that they can, with the blessings from (Mark Zuckerberg) a trump supporter, even change our
‘Hard Earned Work, in loving memories,
with false information’!
For the few of our faithful followers, remember that we will still be on many sites like our main website at
And on
Wordpress and Google sites as shown on our Gravatar site
For anyone in panic mode, do not fear because face-book will never 
let a money maker go!

Monday, December 10, 2018

Bergamo, Lombardia, Italy

Welcome to the visitor from Bergamo, Lombardia, Italy
To our main website for information 
about our Native American people.
Hope that you found everything that you were looking for?
If not please visit some of our other sites from our Gravatar site?

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Noah built the Ark/Professionals built the Titanic.

Noah built the Ark
Professionals built the Titanic

Poor taste or Honor and respect?
One president cut down a tree, 
another took down a wall 
A third builds homes 
for the homeless.

President George Washington chopped down a tree.

President Abe Lincoln preserved the Union and the emancipation of slaves.

President George H.W. Bush took down the Berlin Wall and Unified Germany.
President Jimmy Carter
 is still 
building homes for the homeless.
Your president 
puts children in jail!

The Clinton's