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Brookville, Indiana

Welcome to my visitor from Brookville, Indiana
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Jay Parmley Executive 
Director South Carolina 
Democratic party 
Saturday, February 29, 2020
Brookville, Indiana, been there, 'Beautiful Town'!
You seem to be coming out of the 'dark ages' 
(#18 is still a poor state), 
congratulation on your battle to get smarter and better for your citizens!
I may not be the ‘Smartest Tack in the Pack’ however; in my 79 years on Mother Earth with many years in politics, I do know a few things.
 It is Insane for a state’s political party to allow the ‘opposing political party’ into your states voting booth to vote for any official, state or federal in your state!

(Jay Parmley Executive 
Director of the
Democratic party 
Must Go)!

(Well Duh)!
I also know that it is insane keeping an employee of ‘your political party’ with a record of 'failure in a number of other states'!
I also know that doing so is one of the reasons your state will always be, controlled by your opposing political party!
we can take heed 
as to why 
the ‘Boy Scouts of America’
 are folding!

Love and blessings from
Creator to You All
Shechaim Ohjieshan
“Don’t get scared,
 it’s your country, take it back”!
“This is our Watch”!

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