Monday, August 27, 2018

Trump – Take a knee’!

All military personal from all political parties need to tell the ‘White house to half-staff the flag!
Trump – Take a knee’!
The Whitehouse is a blank today just like to coward in charge!
Nothing said about a true ‘War Hero’ Lieutenant Commander Senator John McCain.
The oval office does not respect people that were captured, he states that he only respects people not captured.
This pretty much covers him because the coward was afraid to even go into the service let alone to Vietnam!
He stubbed his little toe.
A missile removed a wing from his plane and when Lieutenant Commander John McCain ejected from the plane he was knocked out.
Landed in the water in North Vietnam territory with many broken bones, 
can you see this ‘Num-Nuts’?

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Did I vote for John Sidney McCain III in (2009)?

Thumbs down vote!

You can safely bet your life saving on 

Senator John McCain stood for everything that I and every American should be standing for and political party or not, at that time the whole country should have voted for him.

My question is,
why didn’t you?

Senator John McCain was 
the ‘epitome of American’!

At that time I knew nothing about Barack Hussein Obama II including that he was a senator.

That and the fact that ‘President Bill Clinton’ would have made a great ‘First Lady’


This country is still not mature enough to elect a female for president!

In 2013 President Barrack Obama showed the country and the world that he, like John McCain truly cares about our country!

Willard Mitt Romney is not a John McCain or Barrack Obama!

In 2016 it should have shown by now that most of America and the world voted for, 
'President Bill Clinton as the 'First Lady of the United States of America'!

Instead of 'whatever it is now in the oval office, nothing personal 'Melania'!

Who did you vote for?

I voted for 'President Hillary Clinton' and her 'First Lady'!

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Clean - Clear - Natural Gas, my Foot!

Explosion, fire destroy 
coffee shop 
in rural Georgia,
 injuring 3
A guarantee, the ‘construction Crew’ is a ‘Non-Union Company’!
Why does that matter you might be asking?
Funny you should ask.
It is against the law to dig without permission from the state or town ‘Safety inspector’ and for this very reason.
Most ‘No-Union Company’s tend to skip this step, a Union Company cannot get away with this, for this very reason!
 ‘Florida Government Official,’ 
is getting paid a lot of ‘Money’ 
to allow a really large 
‘Natural Gas Pipeline’ into Florida?
Hint - Hint!
A destroyed coffee shop after an explosion and fire in Homerville, Ga., Friday, Aug. 17, 2018.  
(Georgia Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner’s Office)
Investigators determined a construction crew installing fiber optic cable had ruptured an underground gas line, causing natural gas to leak into a sewer line connected to the coffee shop, said Glenn Allen, spokesman for Georgia Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner Ralph Hudgens.
"Inside the shop gas built up in the kitchen area and there was a spark, resulting in the explosion," Allen said late Friday.
The Coffee shop had discontinued ‘Natural Gas’ for this very reason!
Speaking about natural gas, which ‘Florida Government Official,’ is getting paid a lot of ‘Money’ to allow a really large ‘Natural Gas Pipeline’ into Florida?
Hint - Hint!

He is the 'king of non-union, under-paying no benefit job's' and 'at the top of our government'!
Can you say, 'Governor Rick Scott'?
Clean - Clear - Natural Gas, my Foot!

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Washing machine blew a cement weight into a wall.

Washing machines do not blow up.
Washing Machine are heavy parts.
Washing machine blew a cement weight into a wall.

Washing Machines and all home appliances 
for that matter, 
(Made in factories in the USA),

were made to last forever or at least a good number of years!

Washing Machines must have a heavy weight to balance your machines motor!

Machine manufactures at that time, while still made in this country and were forced to use good, safe, materials, while building appliances for your home!

This stopped after the then president and congress allowed outsourcing 
back in the middle to 
late 1980s early 1990's!

Motors were made of steel and iron and cement weights were fastened with steel bolts and nuts for iron or steel hinges, 
when they were outsourced to what at the time were called 3rd world countries
 like China they started using of 'White metal' and then to whoever is now our out of country maker that are using plastic bolts, buts and hinges and motors.


'Heavy weights and motor parts’ 
are becoming missiles 
bouncing around 
anything and anyone in the way!

While it is fine if you wish to keep paying so much money on these products year after year!

this country must also 
open factories in small towns 
that need the business and the jobs 
to start building good solid appliances once again?

How many of my followers are willing to admit to a time when one could buy a product
 that was guaranteed for 3 to 5 years and if it quit exchange for a replacement, no questions asked?

Because it usually lasted for 30 or more years.