Monday, January 28, 2019


President Hillary Rodham Clinton

I am not sure if she is willing to face the massive media abuse once again.

However trump is wetting his pants at the though, just in case!

Published on Jan 27, 2019

One More Time? 
Hillary Clinton Mulling 2020 Presidential Run Could we have a 2016 rematch in 2020? 
That’s the rumor circulating, as close advisors to Hillary Clinton say she’s mulling another run for the White House.

The Hill reported on the possibility of another Trump-Clinton show off.

 “I’m told by three people who as recently as this week, she was telling people that look, given all this news from the indictments, particularly the Roger Stone indictment, she talked to several people, saying ‘look, I’m not closing the doors to this,’ ” 
Zeleny said. 

 “It does not mean that there’s a campaign-in-waiting, or a plan in the works,” 
he continued.

The former secretary of State has previously not ruled out another presidential bid, saying last October that she would 
“like to be president.”

Zeleny added that Clinton believes running “could be a possibility,” given that she won the popular vote over President Trump in 2016 and that several former Trump associates have been indicted in special counsel Robert Mueller‘s probe into Russian interference.

President Hillary R Clinton
This house is in if she is?

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