Thursday, May 3, 2018

“Unrig the System”

Patrick Murphy     and   David Jolly
Something good from a lot of bad?

In Congress, the typical workweek is from Tuesday through Thursday.

The Ocala Star-Banner.
Trying to end the dysfunction
Our Opinion:

Two former Florida congressmen, a Republican and a Democrat, are traveling the state to talk about bipartisanship.

David Jolly and Patrick Murphy once represented rare congressional districts that contained registered voters evenly split between Democrats and Republicans.

So they had incentives to seek moderation.

Now they would like to

“Unrig the system”

For the next generation.

The duo has three proposed reforms:
Address gerrymandered districts,
Closed primaries
The distorted role of money in politics.

The Fair Districts Amendment has improved matters a bit, but mainly along geographic lines.

The next phase of the effort should seek to create districts that are closer to 50-50 representation, Murphy and Jolly said.

Murphy and Jolly support a system that will allow voters to vote in whichever primary they choose.

Finally, Jolly and Murphy said something must be done to radically change the way money dominates politics.


This is what our fore-fathers, our states, the country and the voting public have been wanting since the very beginning of the country!

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