Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Why did Cmdr Benson get relieved of duties?

This is sad however always the same!

In the military service
the buck is passed
up the ladder?

A captain of any ship
has the responsibility
to train
all below her/him.

This could explain his being relieved duty?

some trips out of port
can take days
if not weeks
even months.

He can, should and does
hand the ship over to his executive officer
at times
for rest, eat and sleep
one must assume?

If or when this happens,
the executive officer becomes the Captain
of the ship
until relieved by
his Commanding officer
(the Captain).
Why did both get the relieved of their duties?

Which one was the Captain of the Ship
at the time of the crash?

Master Chief Petty Officer Brice Baldwin
was in charges of the duty roster
reasonable for the lookouts
so he must go along with the lookouts and helmsman!

Cmdr Benson
and the Fitzgerald’s second-in-command,
executive officer,

Cmdr Sean Babbitt,
both of whom were asleep in their cabins when the ships collided, and the Fitzgerald’s senior enlisted sailor, Master Chief Petty Officer Brice Baldwin, were relieved of their duties aboard the Fitzgerald. Cmdr Benson, as well as several sailors on watch that night will face what the military calls no judicial punishment.

Top two officers on navy ship in deadly collision off Japan are relieved of duties  

By Eric Schmitt

Who was in charge of the lookouts and the helm at the time of the crash?

This my friends was my old navy.

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