Thursday, December 16, 2021

Find out if your posts are actually being read


I wanted to let this go (alas), I cannot.

When I am wrong and I can guarantee that this happens no matter how hard or how much time I take on each post I am willing to bend over backwards to correct!

When someone else is wrong I tend to ignore it.

However when someone needlessly picks apart a post with their lack of knowledge!


If you beat up on your president on my post you will get 

what for?


  Aquai/Aquine (


When a follower makes an assumption that shows that he/she never checked your Word Press or Google (pages on the site)!

Matriarch | Shechaim's News of the Day (

Mohiigan (Kiehtan), Maïngan Deity News: About the Author (


I have been trained and trying to teach to respect women from diaper and willing to even back into diaper or death


Where did Sonny Hostin go the school?


In this case Sonny Hostin only cares for Sony Hostin and her family!


How You Can Find Out If People Read Your Posts Properly ...

The buck stops at the oval office white-house?


Why is Senator Manchin against the Child Tax Credit Bill?


The Buck stops here now!

Congress of 2018/2020 is as usual fighting everything that a Democrat President as far back as President Jimmy Carter tried to do for you their boss (Employee)!



The Buck never stopped here for four years!

The buck no longer stops at the Oval Office – Methow ...

According to this congress 20018/2020?

Why Senator Manchin and his republican are so against the Child Tax Credit Bill?

The Child Tax Credit | The White House

A total of 470 seats in the U.S. Congress 

(35 Senate seats and all 435 House seats)

Were up for election on November 3, 2020, including two special elections for U.S. Senate.


The Buck stops at the oval office if you are a Democrat!

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Senator Elizabeth Warren has Blood


Senator Elizabeth Warren has Blood 

This is still a ‘Free Country’ in spite of those past horrible (4) trump years and whatever is coming from next year!


 (God Known's).


Are christians of today Christians? – “It’s puzzlement”? (


As I have stated many times before I have no use for ‘Back Stabbers’!


 I am not stating. ‘Blood from which indigenous ancestor that is up to her to trace?


If Warren would be running against trump it would be the 2nd time that I did not vote, the first time I was in the middle of an ocean bringing war wounded back stateside and it was too late to vote.


I am stating however that you can pick your friends and your Enemies but you cannot pick your ancestors no matter who tells you that your blood is not acceptable to that other person



I’ll bet you ‘a billion dollars’ that ‘if that person was dying without a blood transfusion’ and you were the only person with the blood to save that person, you could be called anything or anyone you wish?


 From the first day of ‘First Contact’ our warriors and females

have been abducted and taken from our land.


The Vikings came around the late 10th century.

The Spanish came around (1509).

The French came around the (1530s).

The Russians came around (1552).

The English came around (1600s).

The Dutch came around (1615).


Elizabeth now know Déjà vu

Elizabeth now know Déjà vu | Shechaim's News of the Day (


Cherokee Nation (1794–1907) - Wikipedia


Just saying?

Posts ‹ Shechaim's News of the Day —

John Hayne Herring and Mary Annie Scharan).John was born in Cornwall, England, the son of John Herring and Ann Hayne.Mary was born in Switzerland.”

Elizabeth Warren - Wikipedia

Monday, December 13, 2021

Is the ‘Donald’ the (Satanic Beast)?

 I doubt it but it is always a thing to think about?






 Did/do the (trump republicans), by the thousands, worship (the Donald)?


Starting in 2022 and 2024 will the (trump republicans), by the hundreds of thousands, worship (the Donald)?


I have been reading your Christian book, this time with help from a follower of the Christian/Jews ‘Messiah’!

And I still have no clue as to why a, claim to be Christian/Jew would blindly follow a person like ‘The Donald’?

Is it because of ‘Abortion right of a female’?

James 4:12

you a judge?

Acts 17:31

Only time will tell?

I am not a prophet of your god.

heed my Christian friends,

are you worshipping this day?

inhabitants of the earth will worship the beast-all whose
names have not been written in the
Lamb's book of life, the Lamb who was slain from the creation of the world.

Whoever has ears, let them hear?

What Does Revelation 13:8 Mean? - Verse of the day

Saturday, December 11, 2021

Makati City, Philippines


Welcome to the visitor from the Department of Science and Technology

Makati City, National Capital Region, Philippines


To one of our postings at

I am sure that in your beautiful city there is at least one minority soon to become major political leader that is systematically ripping up your city/Country?

Well the reason for this posting is because this person has been doing that to our country for over 30 years while the voting public sleeps!

This politician could not be bothered with a small town in his own state nothing in it for him!

Where is the senior senator from Kentucky?


Where is the senior senator from Kentucky?


Kentucky, Illinois, Arkansas


Mayfield, Kentucky is all but gone where is the senior senator from Kentucky?


He is said to care for his towns, cities, the state the country and the world so where is he to help the area from early last night?


Deadly Tennessee, Kentucky tornadoes leave more than 200,000 without power (


Numerous deaths reported in overnight tornadoes, storms across the Midwest (

Humans can live on other crystal planets

Deadly tornadoes, storms strike US; roof collapse at Amazon – WFTV

Turtle Island Embouq (

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Where did Sonny Hostin go the school?


Where did Sonny Hostin get her license to hold court on a president?


Where did Sonny Hostin go the school?


High school at (Montgomery Wards)?

The University of  K Mart?


Studied Law at Sears, Roebuck and Company?


Butt Heads Over Biden’s First Year in Office - The Flix Capacitor- Upscaled Videos Up To 16K UltraHD Resolution


Asunción Cummings Hostin (Sunny Hostin), cannot make or change laws because the law does not suit her husband’s country and family!


Emmanuel Hostin is a sports surgeon of Haitian heritage.



U.S. Constitution | Constitution Annotated | ...

If a President chose to defy the courts, that might become the basis for impeachment proceedings, which is what brings the legislative branch into play — another example of the “checks and balances” between the three co-equal branches of the federal government.

Can the President of United States pass a law without the support of Congress

Laws may not be passed without the approval of both the House and Senate, and the signature of the present (unless there is sufficient support to overrule the President’s veto).

The President may issue Executive Orders, which have the general effect of a law, but which are limited in scope and authority as directives to the Executive branch as to how they should interpret and apply and existing law, or to exercise some other specifically-granted Constitutional power of the President. Executive Orders are not actually laws, in any way, shape, or form.


The president has legislative authority to issue an executive order that has the full effect of law. Executive orders don't require congressional approval, but Congress can introduce a bill to cancel the order issued.

However, the President can veto the bill aimed at canceling an executive order. Such veto can only be overridden by Congress with a two-third majority vote in their favor in the House and the Senate. Also, future Presidents can

The Constitution of the United States

Sunday, December 5, 2021

This country has been in (dire striates) since December 3rd 2019


Talk about a slow walk back into ‘Quicksand’!

Dire straits synonyms, dire straits antonyms -


Who was the Senate Majority Leader in 2019?

Senator Mitch McConnell (Do Nothing)!

2019 In Review: Majority Leader McConnell’s ... - Senate


House Majority - Republican - House Speaker - Paul Ryan (R)

Mitch McConnell's 2022 agenda once again to help this is?

Do nothing.

Isaiah 25:10

Analysis by Chris Cillizza, CNN Editor-at-large - Friday

"Mitch McConnell has told colleagues and donors Senate Republicans won't release a legislative agenda before next year's midterms, according to people who've attended private meetings with the minority leader," reported Axios on Thursday.  

Monday, November 22, 2021

U.S. Congressman Charlie Wilson War!


Charlie Wilson's War (2007) - IMDb

No not this one the so called   Soviet–Afghan War. Where the army was assassinating as quickly as possible towards genocide!

The 1980’s Afghanistan; You remember the Afghanistan war?

If the United States thanks to our congressman, ended the Soviet–Afghan War On Afghanistan (1981 to 1993).

Why is it that this country is not picking the two presidents during that war to pieces?

Because Charles Wilson was a Democrat and both presidents were Republicans!

Charles Nesbitt Wilson was a United States naval officer and former 12-term Democratic United States Representative from Texas's 2nd congressional district


That our government had spent pennies compared to the billion for war on schools and teach the true facts of that war?

List of presidents of the United States - Wikipedia

Ronald Reagan 1981 to 1989

George H. W. Bush 1989 to 1993

Charlie attempts to appeal with the government but finds no enthusiasm for even the modest measures he proposes.

In the end, Charlie receives a major commendation for his support of the U.S. clandestine services, but his pride is tempered by his fears of the


his secret efforts could yield in the future

and the implications of U.S. disengagement from Afghanistan.

Hence the 2nd war and this time the Afghanistan’s  war with no U.S. Congressman Charlie Wilson!

During which administration did the Afghan War begin ...

The United States and its allies invaded Afghanistan in October 2001!

No not this one the so called the Soviet–Afghan War.

Where the Soviet army was assassinating as quickly as possible towards genocide of another country!

The story of U.S. Congressman Charlie Wilson and CIA operative Gust Avrakotos, whose efforts led to Operation Cyclone, a program to organize and support the Afghan mujahideen during the Soviet–Afghan War.

Operation Cyclone - Wikipedia

In the 1980’s The Pakistanis complain about the inadequate support of the U.S. to oppose the Soviet Union, and they insist that Wilson visit a major Pakistan-based Afghan refugee camp!

Gust vehemently advises Charlie to seek support for post-Soviet occupation Afghanistan, referencing the "zen master's" story of the lost horse. He also emphasizes that rehabilitating schools in the country will help educate young children before they are influenced by the "crazies".

Charlie attempts to appeal this with the government but finds no enthusiasm for even the modest measures he proposes. In the end, Charlie receives a major commendation for his support of the U.S. clandestine services, but his pride is tempered by his fears of the blowback his secret efforts could yield in the future and the implications of U.S. disengagement from Afghanistan.

Hence the 2nd war and this time the Afghanistan’s  war with no U.S. Congressman Charlie Wilson!