Thursday, December 20, 2018

After the holidays, Shechaim will be pulling out of

After the holidays, Shechaim will be pulling out of
To give my few
It has always been the practice of this clan to
(ask for a blessing)
to those interested in our work, just give 'a little courtesy' while taking from our sites?
You our faithful followers might remember that twice Mark Zuckerberg shut down, without notice, our work, 
because we used a name given by
'Creator' through 'my elders now ancestors'!
For years people have been taking our ancestors information from our face book site and using it as their own genealogy work.
Now I find that they can, with the blessings from (Mark Zuckerberg) a trump supporter, even change our
‘Hard Earned Work, in loving memories,
with false information’!
For the few of our faithful followers, remember that we will still be on many sites like our main website at
And on
Wordpress and Google sites as shown on our Gravatar site
For anyone in panic mode, do not fear because face-book will never 
let a money maker go!

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