Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Let’s get Trump elected in 2020?

Do not tell us what trump is doing wrong;
we already know what trump is doing wrong.
Tell us what you want to do right
show us how you plan on doing it?

People that work one or more jobs a day do not have the time to also keep track of who is the better person for the White house.

The Republican Party knows this; the Democratic Party does not or does not care?

The two Socialist/ Independents
are still at the top of
the Democratic Party!

Yes you heard me right,
these two were at the top
of making sure that
the Democratic Party lost
to anyone in 2016

guess what,
they are both at it again
this party once again is
allowing it to happen!

Trump was elected in 2016 because he was in the news 27/7


24/7 on Tweeter.

He is still in the news and on Tweeter 24/7.

How many times do the Democrats put a candidate in the news and/or on Tweeter or Face book?

Better question, who would this candidate be?
You think that it is too early to run a candidate?

This is what happened in 2016,
along with that senator from Massachusetts pushing the Democrats to vote for a Socialist/ Independent senator from Vermont and the Democratic Party pushing against Hillary I guess because she it a woman!

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